An Italian Man , Atlantis reaches Gabicce Mare

One of the various touristic attractions of Gabicce, a significant city within the North coast within the Marche’s region that is most likely the favourite destinations inside the border with Emilia Romagna, there’s one that’s particularly mysterious and interesting: the submerged capital of scotland- Valbruna.

The majority of the visitors that each year decide to spend their holidays in Gabicce have really been attracted for that town because of this enigma, wishing they have got a bit of clue that proves the legend really was while that great beautiful beaches along with the limpid ocean water, uses the narrow roads of Borgo Gabicce (with origins inside the center Age) along with the wealthy candelabra and relics that were not stolen yet by thieves within the S. Ermete Parish Church. In addition the coast of Gabicce is characterised by its high coves: an amazing view is viewed inside the San Bartolo mount, within the Natural Park of San Bartolo.

These paradisiacal waters are where the first hints the submerged city (that has now been named an italian man , Atlantis or possibly the Adriatic Atlantis) exists near the coast develop. Local fishermen convey more once retrieved archeological evidence like a statue’s arm, a column’s capital, a blazon and a lot of odd-produced rocks eroded using the marine currents. Several popular legends but in addition historic documents support these breakthroughs.

Gabicce Mare, riviera adriatica delle Marche

The place is unquestionably in the middle of five different water currents that could have caused floods or quakes capable of with an entire city underwater centuries before any Gabicce inhabitant found numerous its remains acquiring the legend to existence.

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This city, which presumably had Greek origins, seems to obtain located in the coast of Gabicce’s Cape in the region known today as Baia della Vallugola. Some town people, unlike the touristic guides, discuss it less an authentic city speculate a marine center or even a commercial port. One of the ways or other it appears apparent Valbruna was a apparent marine commercial character (considered as vital for wine exchanges) knowing within the cippus dedicated to Give Sereno, protector within the navigation, found near to Gabicce’s Cape.

Occupants and fishermen report that you could identify roads and house placements particularly areas of these waters, plus a handful of visit date as affirming that moms and fathers of clearer water you may also begin to see the top a bell tower in the ancient Valbruna’s church.

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