Explore the surprisingly upbeat destination – Nagoya

Capturing a distinct name as a ‘design city’ Nagoya is a hub for some great business developments. It is the capital of Aichi prefecture and the Greater Nagoya Region is one of the three major metropolitan areas to build the country’s economy. It is home to amazing cultural representation which can be seen in its festivities, clothes, delectable authentic food, etc. It is referred to as the world’s great nuclei of manufacturing with an impeccable journey in building the leading car brand – Toyota. Tourists can fly from Hong Kong to Nagoya and from many different parts of the world easily with the increase in accessibility. 

A travel journal is incomplete without exploring this land of opportunities and the industrial revolution. Here are some of the incredible places to venture into on a Nagoya trip.

  • Osu Kannon: The bustling Shopping area

If shopping delights you then this is the place to be, located on the eastern side of the Nagoya station Osu Kannon is a symbol of a remarkable shopping street. The place stuns visitors with incredible things to buy. From electronics, clothes, footwear, decor items, bags, toys, etc it has it all. It is considered to be the next big thing in the shopping streets and often is compared with the biggest shopping places in Tokyo and Osaka. The high-end boutique stores and amazing quality electronics in Banshoji Dori and Niomon Dori arcades make this place a must-visit for locals and tourists. It is also a home for some mouth-watering treats. You find authentic Japanese cuisine, delicious Turkish platter, and upscale Italian dining restaurants here. Some of the best places to grab a bite include Jerry’s Uno, Ossu Brasil, Solo Pizza, and Wine Watanabe. The Osu Kannon temple is the major reason why it became so popular as a shopping area. 

  • Nagoya City Science Museum: Enjoy the World’s Biggest Planetarium

The Nagoya Science Museum is one of the architectural spectacles which is a symbol of the pride of Nagoya City. It is an educational and inspirational place that teaches a lot about history, and science and widens the scope for creativity. Since there is a lot to learn, this place is best suitable for kids and young adults. It also makes a perfect day out as a family. The planetarium is a key feature of the museum. The science museum includes the Life Science Building, the Science and Technology Building, and the Planetarium. It unfolds amazing facts and truths about the universe, history, and the planets with its interactive theme. The audio, visuals, and magnifying glass allow the visitors to observe things closely. Many workshops are offering hands-on experience to kids. Each floor is dedicated to exhibiting unique stuff like a dissection of the human lifestyle in different climatic conditions, secrets of human body organs, Dinosaur skeletons, and more. 

  • Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology: The World leader in automotive manufacturing

Nagoya takes pride in being home to one of the unbeatable car manufacturers in the world. Toyota being the leader in cars has a great history and insights into Japan’s industry and technological developments. The same is elaborately showcased in the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. It is an unforgettable experience of learning and understanding how this giant manufacturer started in the 19th century and still has innovative things to offer. Today, kids and youth learn through interactive methods and this museum gives hands-on experience with interactive tours in English. It is an educational tour explaining the evolution of the car models, the machinery and equipment of the first assembly lines in the initial stages to the usage of robotics for today’s Toyota models. The kids would love to be a part of this tour with the fun learning techniques used like the wind tunnel, toy car course, massive weaving wall, splashing water, air-jet game, etc.

Nestling near the Pacific coast, Nagoya is a part of Honshu, the main island in Japan. It is a fantastic holiday destination as it allows you to land in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto with easy connectivity. The unique blend of intelligence, modernization, and historical greatness is felt in diverse places like the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, JR Central Towers, Meiji Mura Museum, and more. Plan a tour of Nagoya and find how this city rose to be an urban spectacle surpassing its struggles in the past among the Samurai lords. 



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