Helicopter tours and Services in Nepal you must know

For a country like Nepal, with more than 1300 massive peaks, helicopter tours and services can be the best thing to happen. You must know that helicopter tours and services in Nepal are in huge numbers. What works is the fact that there are some excellent viewing that can make you spellbound with ease. The view right from the top is something brilliant. In all of the helicopter tours and services in Nepal, drones can make some excellent viewing for travelers if the benefits don’t reach the top. What’s important to notice is that helicopter rides are pretty safe and save travelers a lot of time. Not all helicopter tours and services in Nepal are of the best quality, but some of them are worth the time and patience. We have listed some of them for the readers.

Everest base camp helicopter tour

The first helicopter tour and services you must know is none other than the Everest base camp helicopter tours. It is one of the most talked about and acknowledged when you look into it. The most significant standpoint in the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the Kathmandu to Lukla by helicopter. One of the scariest airports in the world is Lukla airport, and the travel makes it outstanding. You can view Mount Everest, which stands at an altitude of 8848.86m. When the tour starts from Kathmandu, there are three en routes where the helicopter stops. They are:
  • Lukla
  • Kala Patthar
  • Hotel Everest view

Langtang helicopter tour

You must know the Langtang helicopter tour of one underrated yet most talked about helicopter tour. It is suitable for the weekends when you are willing to change your life. The untouched beauty of the Langtang region mostly goes unnoticed. People might not know, but it is the fourth best helicopter ride to be part of, which is the key to things. To be precise, the flight takes only two hours, and you can see some marvelous mountains easily. The main focus point during the trip to Langtang is the rhododendron, oak and pine forest. Along with that, you will also be able to see Kyanjin Monastery, the cheese factory and flora and fauna close to you.

Annapurna base camp helicopter tour

The beauty of Nepal lies in the mountains that come along the way. Annapurna base camp is better with the trek but best with the helicopter ride. This particular tour is not more than four or five years when we talk about it. When you reach the base camp at an altitude of 8091 meters, it is close to a piece of heaven. Annapurna conservation area, along with the beauty of districts like Lamjung, Manang, Kaski and Myagdi, is the way to go. Talking about mountains, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna south, Nilgiri North, Gangapurna, Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Langtang etc., are the best views for travellers.

Muktinath Helicopter Trek

It is not about the scenic beauty of helicopter rides. But sometimes, the religious essence of the ride is also fundamental. In the list of helicopter tours and services, you must know the Muktinath helicopter trek remains at the top. When you board the helicopter from Kathmandu, it will only take 45 minutes to an hour to reach the destination. You can also be part of the trip from Pokhara in the helicopter. When you talk about the highlights, they are the lush green forest and some astounding hills along with the Kali Gandaki Gorge. It is also called the deepest gorge. The belief is that getting into the Muktinath temple can clear all your sins. So how can you even miss it?

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Gosaikunda is one of the holiest lakes that remain frozen for half the year, which is intriguing. Most travellers love to go to Gosaikunda on the trek, but things get interesting when you get to the helicopter tour. The significance of Gosaikunda is that it gets melted to form the Karnali River. In the Gosaikunda helicopter tour, you wouldn’t have any stops, and the overall tour lasts only three hours which is a pretty good time. It is situated in the Langtang region, and you can look closely at the freshwater bodies to go with green lakes, hills, waterfalls and everything in between. Moreover, there are 108 lakes surrounding Gosaikunda, which makes it fun.

Rara Lake helicopter tour

Rara Lake is known to be the biggest lakes in Nepal. The Rara Lake helicopter ride must be on your bucket list with great ease when you look into the beauty and what the place offers. It takes an average of four hours to complete the tour of Rara Lake. The major highlights of the tour are the Rara Lake and more about the Rara National park, which falls in the way. When flying high and above the mountains, it is a common trait. Mountain ranges like Langtang, Annapurna, and Manaslu go with the lush green and fresh vegetation and might just be your go-to. What’s genuinely mesmerising is the hills and mountains that tend to reflect on the lake in the sunlight.

Manaslu base camp helicopter trek

The last helicopter tour and service you must know in Nepal is the Manaslu base camp helicopter trek. This might be the last to look into, but surely not the least. The helicopter puts the travellers through the base camp at an 8163m. It tends to focus on the best mountain range as Manaslu is in the higher range compared to Mt Annapurna. The tour spans a period of three to four years. What’s more enthralling is the geographical masterpieces that come along the way. The finest mountains appearing in the helicopter ride are Langtang, Ganesh Himal etc. Besides the peaky beauties, there is the presence of vegetation, animals in the jungle and many more. Although it is underrated, the Manaslu base camp helicopter trek is worth the travel for every reader.


There are a lot of helicopter tours and services in Nepal that you must be aware of. It would more or less take more than a day to complete any selected ones. With Nepal’s flora and fauna diversity, all of that is quite the treat. If you have done helicopter tours to any famous destination, you would know what you will be engraved with. For people who aren’t keener to trek on foot. Not only that, someone who loves the eagle-eyed view, this is the right way to do it. Most commonly, the travellers will be up with some of the highest mountains in the world; not only that, the lakes and waterfalls that cover your journey could make things very fascinating once and for all. So the readers must have a day or two, especially from October to February, when helicopter rides are the best to be alongside your loved ones and family.


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