How To Travel To Bhutan From Singapore? 

Are you an ardent traveler? Do you like to visit various places of interest? If you reside in Singapore, consider it in your best interest to look for the best places near you. Among the several places of interest to travel and explore, you would relish visiting Bhutan once in a lifetime. It would be worth mentioning here that visiting Bhutan would be a wonderful experience for those looking for a spiritual traveling experience. 

Singaporeans traveling to Bhutan must apply for a visa in advance of their arrival. It is required that visitors to Bhutan make contact with a local agency for Bhutan tours to process their visas.

Essential Things To Have During Your Travel 

Every traveler must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after leaving Bhutan. All travelers to Bhutan must pay a visa fee of $40. Any authorised travel company or tour operator will give you information on how to process a tourist visa for Bhutan after you contact your local travel agency in Bhutan. An entire week of working hours must pass to process a tourist visa. Send us a scanned copy of your passport together with a properly completed and signed Bhutan visa application.

Following submission of the application and supporting documentation to the Bhutan Tourism Council, visas are given. A minimum of 7 days must be worked through an online system. It is first reviewed by the Bhutan Tourism Council before being sent to the immigration department for confirmation. Once the immigration department has confirmed it, the Tourism Council of Bhutan will issue an online confirmation of the issuing of a Bhutan visa. 

2022 Itinerary For A Trip To Bhutan From Singapore

The actions listed below must be taken when you travel Bhutan from Singapore. While visiting Bhutan, every visitor must have a passport that is valid for at least six months.

Before your trip, you must process your Bhutan visa. Obtaining a Bhutan visa for those with Singaporean passports is done by an authorised local tour operator.

Depending on your Bhutan travel package to Singapore, the Tourism Council of Bhutan sets the tourist price. The minimum daily rate, or SDF to Government, was established at US$200 per person per day, excluding lodging, food, and travel guide to Bhutan, transportation, and entrance fees for all attractions, in a money measure passed by Parliament in June 2022. 

When you have completed your application and submitted it. It takes at least 7 working days to process a visa, according to your local Bhutan travel agent. Before you depart from Singapore for Bhutan, you must transmit a scanned copy of your passport with at least six months of remaining validity. It is a requirement that you travel to Bhutan with the same passport.

After the wire transfer of the entire money, a visa for Bhutan is provided. Before a visa may be issued, payment via wire transfer is required. The payment is safe and is sent to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s global account through your international bank. On the day you depart Bhutan for Singapore, the money to the local tour operator is debited.

Things You Require During The Check-In Process At The Airport 

When checking in at the airport or other entrance points, you must present your visa approval letter. When you arrive at the airport in Paro, the genuine visa will be stamped on your passport.

Online flight tickets for Bhutan are available from Singapore. Asking your local tour operator to purchase the Bhutan airplane ticket from Bhutan itself is strongly advised because it is less expensive there. 

These aspects would be vital for a safe and pleasant journey. 


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