Some of the Best Campervans Available for Your Perfect Getaway

Campervans are those smaller versions of popular cars or even carrier vehicles for people for their weekend getaways. They come in different sizes and shapes that will suit different groups of people who want to have a short holiday with family and friends. Here we will walk you through those different types of campervans with all the details required.

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If you are looking for camping with your loved ones, then you will get some good campervans for sale in the UK. Just make a google search and check the reviews of the companies before you contact them.


If budget is a problem, but you need something spacious too, then Nomad is a good option. It can accommodate up to 5 people. This compact van consists of 2 comfortable double beds, storage space, cooking facilities, and an eating area. It also has a swivel seat that will make up most of the room provided. It can travel up to 100 km with 7 liters.


This is a luxurious campervan that can give you a relaxing vacation. This consists of a spacious living area, kitchen, shower, and toilet. It also consists of a comfy double bed for good sleep. It works on diesel, which is also a benefit for you in terms of money.


This is perfect for a family together. It consists of a 4-berth airy and bright campervan that has a double bed and 2 single bunk beds. It also has a toilet and shower facilities. For a bigger family, you can choose vista plus which is bigger than vista with many luxurious features.


This Grande 6-berth motorhome is perfect for luxury, comfort, and in terms of practicality. It has a bigger living space, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet with many comfy beds. Thus, it is perfect for bigger families for a long touring holiday.

Micro campervan

This is called an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). It is of size of around 3 to 4 cubic meters. You can also get it a professional or DIY campervan conversion.

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The 5 types of micro campervans are:

  • Vauxhall Combo (LH1 & L2H1 Body Variants
  • Mercedes Benz Citan (Long & X-Long body variants)
  • Ford Connect (L1 & L2 Body variants)
  • Citeron Berling (L1 & L2 Body variants)
  • VW Caddy (Standard & Maxi Body Variants)

Depending on the way this campervan layout is made, this micro campervan can accommodate up to 1 person to sleep by removing the front seat.

Volkswagen campers

Volkswagen campers are the most popular ones for more than a half century. You will see thousand of such cars on the road and are still more coming up. This is a comfortable car that can accommodate a small family of 2 to 3 people. You can get both the high top and raising roofs and other basic features from the Ford Custom and Toyota.

When you get the campervans of the size that you want, then you need to check your driving license before you even go for a test drive.

Book your van online and get enough information before you set up for your perfect holiday.

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