Top Menu Picks That Make a Restaurant Worth Trying

The restaurants get popular primarily because of the menu that they are putting on offer. But not every menu can draw in footfall in a restaurant. The menu must be meticulously thought out, tried and experimented before it is put as open. So, when you are picking the restaurants to try, what is it that is going to excite your taste buds? Here are some of our food picks that you can try in the restaurants that serve the best.

Caesar salad

This is an amazing start to any culinary experience on a fine evening or sunny noon. This is a green salad made primarily with the help of romaine lettuce and croutons. One would find a variety of dressing on it. However, the most popular dressings are olive oil, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, eggs, Dijon mustard, garlic or anchovies. However, apart from these, certain eateries also prefer adding Parmesan cheese to it. Salt and pepper are added as per the serving. This was previously served as a tableside menu but today food enthusiasts can also have it as part of their main meal.

Cheese platter

Who would not want to indulge themselves in good liquor and a cheese platter by its side? People want to try restaurants that serve the best cheese platters. The ideal platter consists of creamy Danish blue cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, and croutons. Some eateries try to combine the platter with hard and soft cheese. They like using a mix of brie and goat cheese along with cheddar and parmesan. They are well cut and stacked on a board with accompaniments of bread, meats, and crackers.


Who does not like the punch of alcohol on a windy summer night? Cocktails are the perfect way to sit and relax and let the heat lose out of the body. People mostly pick the restaurants which serve the best cocktails and offer the right mix of liquor. It would be great for a group of friends to indulge in a pitcher of a cocktail served cold.

Marine tuna

Tuna is a top food pick at any eatery which also serves a bar. They are soft and succulent fishes that go well with a variety of preparations. It can be consumed as part of the main meal or can be an accompaniment with alcohol.

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