Why Rwanda Deserves a Top Spot on Your Travel List

When making a list of your dream travel destinations, is Rwanda one of the countries that first comes to mind? If not, it definitely should be! This landlocked country in central eastern Africa is often underrated, yet it has so much to offer its visitors.

Rwanda safari holidays provide incredible animal encounters, breathtaking views, and the opportunity to experience a unique African culture. Anyone who has ever visited this majestic nation is quick to sing Rwanda’s praises. So why not discover it for yourself?

In this article, we’ll provide just a few reasons why a Rwanda safari deserves to be at the top of everyone’s travel wishlist.

A Resilient History

Over the past few decades, Rwanda’s people have shown their resilience. In 1994, the Rwandan genocide took place during the country’s civil war. Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered, and over 2 million Rwandans were displaced.

These days, there are laws in place that criminalise any racially divisive behaviour. The genocide is still a sensitive topic that should be approached with care when chatting with locals. However, the future looks bright for Rwanda, and major efforts have been made to help ensure that the events of 1994 never take place again.

There are plenty of museums in Kigali, such as the Kigali Genocide Memorial, if you want to learn more about this topic during your time in Rwanda. There are also art galleries and craft markets that provide insight into local culture.

Stunning Landscapes

Rwanda is known for its stunning, diverse landscapes, which include waterfalls, mountains, forests, valleys, flatlands, and more. There is a breathtaking view around every corner! It is recommended that travellers bring their cameras with them so they can capture the country’s natural beauty.

This central African country, which is often referred to as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ is a nature lover’s dream. You’ll be blown away by the variety of plant species it’s home to. Some of the country’s most common plant species include hibiscus trees, common lantana, golden dewdrops, and prickly pears. 

Lake Kivu is one of Rwanda’s most prominent natural features. The lake runs for almost 100 kilometres along the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes and is truly a sight to behold.

Another interesting thing about Rwanda’s unique landscape is the number of volcanoes. There are several volcanoes in Rwanda, some of which tower more than 4,000 metres above sea level. These volcanoes offer amazing hiking opportunities. Once you have submitted, you’ll enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Rwanda safari holidays present the perfect opportunity to explore the country’s natural beauty. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll explore the landscapes by vehicle safari, walking safari, hiking, and maybe even helicopter rides!

Magnificent National Parks

No trip to Rwanda is complete without visiting at least one of the country’s amazing national parks. Rwanda is home to four national parks, all of which do an incredible job of protecting the nation’s wildlife and ecosystems.

The most famous park is probably Volcanoes National Park, where the famous gorilla trekking tours take place. This park provides an amazing opportunity to see majestic mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. As its name suggests, Volcanoes National Park is also home to the majority of the country’s volcanoes, and there are volcano hiking opportunities available.

Another amazing national park is Akagera National Park, the ideal destination for those interested in going on big game safaris in Rwanda. The Akagera National Park is famous for being home to the ‘Big Five’, including elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards and lions. There are a wide variety of exciting activities on offer, making it a great destination for family holidays.

Each of Rwanda’s national parks offers various accommodation options, including camps and lodges. No matter which park you decide to visit, you will find an accommodation option that suits your budget and preferences.

Wide Diversity of Animals

Did you know that Rwanda is home to well over 1,700 known species? This incredible animal diversity is what attracts animal lovers from all over the world! 

Rwanda is famously home to the mountain gorilla, which can be viewed in their natural habitat on special gorilla trekking tours. However, there are so many more animals to see in Rwanda than just gorillas. In fact, the mountain gorilla isn’t even Rwanda’s national animal. The national animal is the leopard.

Other primates you may encounter during your time in Rwanda include golden monkeys, baboons, and chimpanzees. The country is also home to lizards, elephants, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, giraffes, and the list goes on. Most of these animals can be viewed on dedicated safaris at one of the national parks.

Birding enthusiasts will be amazed at the incredible birdlife diversity in Rwanda. Some of the birds you can look forward to seeing include mousebirds, jacanas, African fish eagles, lilac-breasted rollers, weavers, sunbirds, and dozens more. There are plenty of birding excursions that you can join should you want to see Rwanda’s fascinating winged creatures.

Safe and Clean Capital City

Many people immediately associate African cities with all sorts of horrific crimes and deem the entirety of Africa as ‘unsafe’. But this could not be further from the truth. While some African cities do match certain stereotypes and generalisations, Kigali certainly does not.

In fact, Kigali is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world. Hundreds of solo female travellers visit Rwanda each year because of its positive reputation. While travellers are still urged to take all the usual safety precautions, Kigali is in no way a dangerous city, and you shouldn’t be scared when passing through.

Kigali is a very modern city with all the amenities you’d expect in any metropolitan area, including 5-star hotels, fine-dining restaurants, and a plethora of entertainment options.

Another thing you’ll notice about Kigali and the rest of the country is how clean it is. One of the major reasons for this is that the government banned non-biodegradable polyethene plastic bags in 2008. This has made a huge impact on reducing the amount of plastic pollution.

A Focus on Sustainability

In this modern day and age, sustainability should play an important role in planning your holiday. Rwanda’s tourism structures focus on sustainable practices and ensuring the well-being of local people, wildlife, and ecosystems.

For example, the number of people on any type of gorilla trekking tour is limited to 8 people. Gorilla families can only be visited for an hour at a time so that they are not disturbed. There are also fees in place that go toward gorilla conservation.

Of course, it is still important to research specific tours, accommodations, and excursions, but overall, you can rest assured that Rwanda has the necessary structures in place for sustainable tourism.

Are you interested in booking an unforgettable Rwanda safari? At Tailormade Africa, our experienced team of safari consultants can give you insightful advice about Rwanda safari holidays. Based on your specific preferences, we’ll put together a custom package for you and your travel companions. Contact us today to begin planning the holiday of a lifetime.


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